Softpaleo macronutrient ratio advice and some other readings about LCHF and insides from Dr Michael Eades (30 yr of fighting conventional wisdom)

Disclaimer: strickt LCHF is not recommended. LCHF is not comparable with Hormoonfactor, Banting, Paleo or Softpaleo, due to too high fat intake too and too low overall carb intake. 

I don’t consider #sofpaleo to be a really typical low carb high fat food pattern (LCHF). The current advice from the Dutch health counsel and the official Dutch dietary guidelines however are way out of line by advising 60% carbs (and sugar), 20% fat (low in fat and oil thus) and 20% proteins (moderate).

The SoftPaleo advice for normal people is to focus on a more healthy ratio like <40% carbs (but via vegetables, fruit and roots), 30% fat (fish, nuts), and 30% proteins roughly. But not too extremely low in carbs (or even full ketogenic) or extremely high in fats and oils.

Talking about macronutrient ratio’s without talking about the exact quality of those macronutrients cannot be thought of as a wise move. For example, our body does not respond the same to  1000kJ of white sugar as it does to 1000kJ of boiled potatoes. And talking about fats … I will do that in more detail in the future. But the quality fat x unequals that of fat b as you can imagine.